Squid Plant
Type: Pool Plant
Cost: 150
Health: none
Recharge: Slow
Damage: Killing a Zombie in water
Range: Front House
Upgrade: None

Squid Plant is pretty much like Tangle Kelp. The only differences are the look and Squid Plant can push five zombies in the water and each time, it moves one space to right. You will get it on the last level of house .

Suburban Almanac EntryEdit

Squid Plant pushes Zombies under water and moves one space to right.

Damage: Massive

Range: One house

Special: Pushing five zombies under water

Squid Plant likes water so much, he wants to teach anyone how to swim, and since he hates zombies so much and knows they can't swim (Except the snorkel zombies, which he kills them by keeping them underwater. Also he hates to lose squid-plant arms, but he has no other choice!

Recharge: Slow

Cost: 150