Devil Pea
Type: Plant
Cost: 225 Suns
Health: 10 Bites
Recharge: Slow
Damage: Heavy
Range: Long
Upgrade: No

Devil Pea shoots fire peas. He will given to you at level five of Park Area.


Devil Peas shoot fire peas and turn the peas that pass through him. If the Zombies try to eat him, they will burn but He will die on ten bites.

Suburban Almanac EntryEdit

Devil Pea turns peas that pass through him to fire peas and shoots fire peas.

Damage: Double

Range: Long

Special: shooting fire peas

Devil Pea is even more fierce than Repeater. "You wanna a piece o'me? You Want A Piece of Me?" Says Devil Pea. "Well, I wanna a piece o'ya, too. Hahahaha!"

Recharge: Slow

Cost: 225