Created By: Cartoonmaster.

Hot, isn't it!

The Desert area is like a normal area that is just really hot and you can plant some special plants and old plants on a special flower pot.

This area will be on Plants vs Zombies 3 and it will be area 13.



You'll start with 50 suns and three lanes of Sand-pots. After this level, you'll have less and less Sand-pots until there is non of them in the area.


Old PlantsEdit

  1. Jalapeno
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Devil Pea
  4. Cactus

New PlantsEdit

  1. Sand-pot (12-10)
  2. Sandflower (13-1)
  3. Sandshooter (13-2)
  4. Ice-O-peno (13-3)
  5. Palm tree (12-4)
  6. Ice Cherry (12-6)
  7. Sand Chomper (12-7)
  8. Sand Tall-nut (12-8)


  1. Cowboy Zombie
  2. Conehead Cowboy Zombie
  3. Camel Rider Zombie
  4. Horse rider Zombie
  5. Dueler Zombie
  6. Zombie Sherrif
  7. Zombie Guard

Last Line of DefenseEdit

  1. Sand eater
  2. Gun

Other Ways to playEdit

  1. Survival: Desert
  2. Cowboy Duel
  3. Desert-Botany
  4. Desert Last stand


  1. New Items in Crazy Katz' Crazy Shop (If you haven't found him yet, you will find him in this level)

Crazy Dave's speechEdit

At the startEdit


Sand Everywhere!

You have came this far to get away from zombies?

Bad for you, pal, 'cause their under their way to here and they're not happy!

I hope you survive this!

Cowboy Duel (Level 13-5)Edit

Hehe, watch it, the zombies are still approaching...

And this time, they gonna have a thing that you have, too!

It's Gun!

Why I'm so cheered about this?

Because I'M CRAZY!

Good luck!

Zombies' NoetEdit

Heeeee-haaaa house owner,

You have came to our town and killed zombies (They're dead already anyway, but...),

You are now ganna be killed by my gaurds because you're a murderer.


Zombie Sherrif (Heeeee-haaaa)

Bossfight (13-10)Edit

In the Bossfight you'll fight the Zombie Sherrif and he's Guards.


  • Hotshot: He shoots to a plant in the closest line.
  • Attack master: Shoots to sky and Zombie Guards come in aline in a every lane.