Crazy Katz is a character that he also is Crazy Dave's pet. It's kind of obvious he is a cat and he leaves in Crazy Wuff, Crazy Dave's dead dog house.

How to find himEdit

In a random level of Adventure mode, after you encountered Zombie Yeti, You can find him in one of Santa Zombie's fallen gifts. Also you can find him after killing a random Zombie.

In ZomBotany Mode, You can find him by killing a peashooter Zombie (Which, it's obvious that it's the worst way to find him). Also you can find him in a random Vase of Vase Breaker (Except in Endless mode) or in a eaten plant in I, Zombie. (If you found it there you must have eaten the lane, or if you haven't, you better restart the whole level, because if you send another zombie, it will eat him and then the zombie will pass through him).

The easiest way to find him is to wait until Level 13-5, it will give to you but you won't achieve achievement Don't hurt the cat.


Crazy Katz is a black cat with yellow eyes. He's tail is colored white (Crazy Dave Painted it!).

Crazy Katz' Crazy ShopEdit

At the corner of Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies there is an icon of a Dog house and a cat. You click on it and you will enter Crazy Katz' Crazy Shop or CZCS for short.