Created by Cartoonmaster.

The Christmas fog area is a snow version of Fog area with frozen water. You can plant any explosive and snow plants in it.

This area will come on Plants Vs. Zombies 3 and it will be area 12.



The area starts with 75 suns and you have to plant a sunflower with flame bean on it You can also melt a lane of the area with a Jalapeno and then plant normal plants but after a while it will return to normal.


Old PlantsEdit

  1. Jalapeno
  2. Cherry bomb
  3. Torchwood
  4. Devil Pea
  5. Doom-shroom
  6. Spikeweed
  7. Snow pea
  8. Ice-shroom
  9. Melon-pult (With Winter-Melon upgrade)
  10. Flame Bean
  11. Snow-Flower
  12. Ice-peater
  13. Christmas Pot
  14. Christmas Tree
  15. Marshmallow-Pult
  16. Matchstick

New PlantsEdit

  1. Snow-shroom (11-10)
  2. Ice-Melter (12-1)
  3. Crystal-fruit (12-2)
  4. Christmas Lantern (12-3)
  5. Snow Blover (12-4)
  6. Fire-Shroom (12-6)
  7. Gatling Snowballer (12-7)
  8. Icefruit-Pult (12-8)


There is no normal zombies in this area except this ones. If in the Zombie list has given a normal zombie, don't worry. It will freeze right at the beginning.

  1. Snow Zombie
  2. Zombie Yeti
  3. Santa Zombie
  4. Zomheat
  5. Zombie Skier
  6. Sleigh Zombie squad
  7. Anti-Ice Gargantuar
  8. Ice catapault Zombie

Last line of defenseEdit

  1. Zamboni
  2. Ice-sweaper
  3. Ice-sheet

Other Ways to playEdit

  1. Christmas Fog Last stand
  2. ZomBotani 4
  3. Beghould too!
  4. Survival: Christmas Fog
  5. Christmas-Zombie-party
  6. Fire Works!


  1. Key to Christmas Area of Zen Garden

Crazy Daves speachEdit

At the startEdit


It's finnally Christmas!

But for you, neighbor, this is bad!

Because, the zombies want Brains for Christmas night.

Good luck, and also invite me for the turkey!

Christmas-Zombie-Party (Level 11-5)Edit


It's middle of night and the Zombies are still aproaching.

And, this time, YOU DON'T have any plants.

So, fight them with my Turkey-pults.

Why I'm giving you all of these Turkeies?


Good luck!

Zombies' noetEdit

Hello, houze oner,

We hierd you ur having a big krismas party. Can vi hav your brainz for znack?