Boomerang Shooter
Type: Plant
Cost: 400
Health: 10ndbs
Recharge: Slow
Damage: Lightly Massive (Kills a normal Zombie)
Range: Long
Upgrade: No

Boomerang Shooter is an almost instant kill that is powerful enough to kill a normal zombie with only one shot. He will given to you at nineth level of Park .


Boomerang hooter is just like repeater but with more leaves, two spike like things out of his mouth and a big hump because of the heavy Boomerang.


He is a vey bad choice in Survival: Endless Because he is afraid of Zombies Bellow when they get four houses far:

Suburban AlmanacEdit

Boomerang Shooter shoots Boomerang that is powerful enough to kill a normal Zombie.

Damage: Light Massive

Range: Long

Special: Shoots Boomerangs that can kill a normal zombie

Boomerang Shooter is just a kid! In Human standard he is only 9! He is a little afraid-of-somethings, too! But he still defends the house from Zombie. "That's my Duty to that guy in the house!" He always says.

Recharge: Slow

Cost: 400